Move At The Speed of Technology

#ThursdayThoughts… I saw this Tweet by @TylerZeman from @Pluralsight a couple of weeks ago and I can’t get it out of my head. Here is the Tweet...

Moving at the speed of technology has been an inner desire/passion of mine as I can see the doors it can open in leading the pack and provide value in ways others aren’t offering at the moment.

Even if others are offering similar services there is plenty of room from us to play nice together as the market is big enough. Competition is a good thing which means others want it. We bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table anyways since our personal and business WHY’s are different, so it’s a Win-Win for us and the market since someone right now is looking for what you can offer.

Now I have also experienced the challenges in wanting to move at the speed of technology in getting buy-in from others that just don’t get, don’t care to get it, and/or not really wanting to invest the money/time to go through the growing pains in adopting new tech, aka new ways of doing things, and the required staff training to support it. I have seen this over and over throughout my career and I am sure I am getting some head-nods now as you read this, right? I get it, we have to be finacially responsible, but on the flipside I don't want to become a dinosaur where no one wants to work with me and/or wherever I am working at which can lead to no clients, no sales, no projects, and no paycheck.

It does take time and in some cases by the time you get staff/firm geared up what you are trying to implement will have upgraded at some point which can be frustrating, but it is what it is which means you need to have the right mentality and team in place to handle these changes since you will be required to pivot at some point to keep up with the technology/new workflows while staying true to your core services/values.

At the end of the day, we live in an exciting moment in time in that we have so many new technologies and opportunities around us to provide new types of value to our teams and the market.

And in this moment, we also have new ways of learning new tech skills in that there are courses readily available through On-Demand learning portals, like Pluralsight and others, available 365/24/7 to us, so no excuses in “getting your learn on”.

And sorry not sorry to say… it’s not going to slow down anytime soon as software/hardware/app/equipment/online training companies compete for your attention in introducing new ways for us to work smarter, learn faster, and offer more value to our teams, clients, and the market.

Let me ask you this… Are you trying to create the future or a better way of doing things right now? If so, what’s your #1 challenge in creating/implementing the change you want? Please comment below as let us know what’s on your mind.

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